Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Irish Barack O'Bama

I favorited There's no one as Irish as Barack O'Bama on my YouTube account.
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Printing Directly on DVD

Printing directly on dvd is not easy. I puttered for 3 days with the pc and the mac until I finally succeeded. I managed to get info from Hewlet Packard Mac OS: Printing Directly onto a CD or DVD.

Print directly onto a CD or DVD

Step one: Load the CD or DVD
  1. Lower the CD/DVD tray.
  2. Remove the CD/DVD holder. The CD/DVD holder is stored below the main input tray.
  3. Securely snap the inkjet printable disk onto the CD/DVD holder with the printable side up.
  4. Place the CD/DVD on the ring at the end of the holder with the arrows. NOTE: If you are using a smaller-sized disk, flip the CD/DVD holder ring over the CD/DVD.
  5. Push the CD/DVD holder into the HP All-in-One until the lines on the CD/DVD holder line up to the white lines on the CD/DVD tray.
    NOTE: The HP All-in-One pulls the CD/DVD holder while printing on the media. The CD/DVD holder protrudes about 7.5 cm (3 in) at the back of the device. If the HP All-in-One is placed close to a wall, move it at least 3 in away from the wall.
Step two: Create the print job in HP Photosmart Studio
  1. Open the HP Photosmart Studio and select the image to print on the disc.
  2. Click Create in the HP Photosmart Studio menu. The HP Photosmart Create application opens.
  3. In the Create window, click Labels .
  4. In the Templates box, select "5 inch / 120 mm" from the 2 choices of size of the disc:
    - Print on CD/DVD (5 inch / 120 mm)
    - Print on CD/DVD (3 inch / 80 mm)
  5. Select one of the layouts shown under Templates and make adjustments to the Size and Rotation of the image.
  6. To insert text, click one of the text boxes in the preview on the right. Type in the Text box in the lower left.
  7. Click Format to change the format of the text.
  8. Click Page Setup in the Create window to make sure that Photosmart C5200 is the selected printer.
    - Set paper size to CD/DVD, 120 mm.
    - Click OK .
  9. Click Print to print on the CD or DVD.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

DVD1 Finally Finished --

DVD1 is finally finished, but there is still more to do. The dvd needs a nice cover both for the dvd itself and for jewel case. I spent 2 days designing a proper cover. I made a graphic featuring chapters:
  1. Patriots Day 4/17/06 Marathon Young Bruce runs the marathon. Marilyn Jeanne "Maddie", Bruce, Brett, Brennen, Uncle Sean, Bruce and Eileen watch.
  2. Easter 3/27/08 Short interviews with Bruce, Brett and Brennen while Mom and Dad prepare Easter ham dinner.
  3. Winnbrook 4/20/07 and Soccer 4/22/07 Fri Apr 20, 2007 Winbrook Playground Soccer Practice - Brucie has soccer practice. Brett and Brennen play with friends on slides, swings. Brett pushes Olivia on swing. Sun Apr 22, 2007 Race Architecture for Humanity - Sean, Harry and Harry's sister, Amy, run the race. After the race, Bruce, Brett and Brennen enjoy playground swings, gym bars, slides and feeding ducks
  4. Memorial Day Parade Belmont 5/28/07 Cub scouts march in the parade: clips include MJ, Young, kids, and scouts.
  5. First Communion Dinner May 3, 2008 and 8th Birthday May 4, 2008 Bruce Daniel, Brett and Brennen, MJ and Young, Young, Marilyn and Dan, Bruce and Eileen, Uncle Sean and Marion and Aunt Marie and Keeley and Aislin. Following day, pals Jack, Josh and Greg come to birthday party. 15min
  6. September 8, 2008 computer games and trip to Concord.
  7. July - Sept - Oct 2008 Saturday July 19, kids arrive in Newport; boys head for computers; breakfast on patio; Bruce's shows off his flowers in garden. Sa Sept 13, Sean and Marion visit Newport; Sean makes pizza. Sept 29th Big Bruce's birthday celebrated at Young and Maddie's house. October 6, 2008 Brett’s family birthday party. Sa Oct 11, soccer at Winnbrook, Sa Oct 12, Maddie and Young’s grilled shrimp in Newport.

Note about printing
  • dvd1_cover_a.doc which includes tif or jpg + toc can be printed out on a color printer.
  • Alternately, print on a color printer with all the text changed to white. Then put into whs laser printer, face down with top of image on left side pointing to wall and bottom of image pointing to right side. Fold printout and cut to fit dvd case.
  • dvd1_cover_b.doc prints out spine label and toc. Needs proper cutting and folding.
Shiny paper would be an enhancement. And I still have to figure out how to print on a printable dvd.
eileen 1/14/09

Saturday, November 22, 2008

DVD_1 completed today

I made 3 copies of DVD1 today.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eileen Video

I want to finish all the videos I started! I finished and posted on YouTube a number of short clips: the Cynthia and Dianne series, but it is the longer family videos which need finishing.

My video aims for the year are:
1. Take Final Cut Pro course.
2. Volunteer at station every Thursday.
3. Finish and put on DVD, using iDVD, my unfinished videos.
4. Read some books about movie making to learn how to improve my videos.

My videos that need finishing:
1. WHS Freshmen_080903
2. 1st Communion
3. kidsSep08
4. beach_072684
5. Maine 2008
and many more!